• Jeff Fox

How I Survive Uncomfortable Feelings During Money Work

First, I want to remind you of something: You are brave.

We all feel some shame, fear, and guilt when doing money work, yet here you are! Give yourself a pat on the back.

For years, I tried to push away or suppress all "unpleasant" feelings. And to be honest, I still do this sometimes. But I eventually realized the futility of that approach, and I've started practicing acceptance instead. After all, not accepting the present moment is a definition of insanity.

Before doing money work, I think it's worth spending some time considering what to do with the emotions that will inevitably arise. Personally, my "goal" has changed from "Not feeling fear" (or other "negative" feelings) to "Accepting the present moment as it is." Paradoxically, accepting fear is a great way through fear. The more I feel the truth of the words below, the quicker I can come back to reality when I get lost.


Take a deep breath. Or two.


Thoughts, emotions, and experiences all come and go. In each moment I have the choice to accept or reject our reality as it is.

I am the space for thoughts, feelings, and experiences to arise. As space, consciousness, presence, I can not have "wrong" thoughts, feelings, or experiences.


Whatever I'm thinking now, accept it; it is happening now.

Whatever I'm feeling now, accept it; it is happening now.

Whatever I'm experiencing now, accept it; it is happening now.


That's what is working for me currently. I also sometimes practice Sharon Salzberg's R.A.I.N. technique:

Recognize emotions as they arise.

Acknowledge the presence of the emotion without trying to suppress it.

Investigate what may have cause the emotion.

Non-identify. Remember that the emotion isn't who you are, it is arising within you.

What do you do when you start to feel an uncomfortable emotion? If you feel called to share, I invite you to comment below.