• Jeff Fox

The Pursuit of Happiness

We've been trained to seek happiness outside of ourselves. "Just a little more of this, a little less of that, then I'll finally be happy," our Wanting Mind tells us.

When we believe the stories of our Wanting Mind, we use money to create the conditions that will lead to happiness. Changing our external circumstances can help - "A starving man needs food, not prayer" - but can't get us all the way there. We might briefly feel happy when we get what we want, but we're just training our Wanting Mind to want more.

In my experience, lasting happiness is within us. When we know that in our heart, we can use money as it's meant to be used: as a tool. It's only when we forget that happiness is already within that we need more money to be happy.

Here's to remembering the truth, whatever that may be for you.